Before & after: whole home windows, doors replacement

Better View Solutions

Better View Solutions

What a difference new windows and doors make. Better View Solutions works on a lot of homes every year, and the transformations are always incredible, and this Toronto home is a great example of what renovations can mean for the look and feel of a house, both inside and out.

The first major difference is of course the look of the exterior. The old windows on this home were cracked, peeling, and they were old fashioned. Once we replaced them with Heritage Maximum windows, the house looked distinguished, clean, and even brighter.

We also replaced the garage door and front door, bringing a more modern look to the classic Toronto home. Before the replacement, the garage door in particular was letting in wind and some water during heavy rain.

Before and After window and door replacement

Inside the house, replacing the windows and doors brought more light to the rooms, cut down on drafts and leaks, and made the whole house feel clean and new. The new windows also allowed the home owners to open the windows easier, bringing the breeze in when they needed, or sealing the house up on cooler days.

We also ensured that everything fit into the home perfectly, making these Window City windows and doors flush with the walls, sealed perfectly, and strong to last for years and years.

When you’re ready to upgrade your home, reach out to us and we’ll give you a fantastic deal on both windows and doors. Best of all, our windows and doors are Canadian made, so when you buy from us, you’re supporting local workers and businesses.

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